Fears and Phobias

We have all experienced fear during our lives, for example when hearing a sudden loud noise. Fear is our natural defence mechanism to protect us from danger. We understand the potential problems the recipient of a fear or phobic response can have on their lives, we understand the restrictions it can bring. We are able to help with almost all phobias and fears, and you will be pleasantly surprised how common they can be.
If we are in danger, the fear response prepares us for ‘fight or flight’ and is therefore helpful. If we are not in danger, our intellectual mind can switch off the fear response by assessing the situation sensibly – so we realise the loud noise is just a door slamming.
However, sometimes our mind can create irrational fears, for example a fear of enclosed spaces, or buttons. Even though we know we are safe, we cannot switch off the fear response. This is a phobia. Hypnotherapy can help to gently and effectively rid you of fears and phobias. By using hypnotherapy we are more often than not able to break down these thought patterns, and prevent them recurring.