Weight Loss

Our weight is becoming an issue for most people. We are now learning more and more about the damaging effects excess weight can have on our health, more and more people feel the need to achieve their ideal weight than ever before.
A diet / weight management programme is simply where the body takes in less energy in the form of calories than it expends.
When we reduce our calorie intake or use up more calories by exercising for example then we lose weight. So why are you not losing weight?

There 5 key steps for losing weight for the long term:
• Diet
• Honesty
• Exercise
• Realistic Goals
• The 5th and final step being the subconscious.

When the subconscious agrees with the goals then long-term weight control can be achieved.
Using hypnotherapy you will learn why you may have found losing weight a problem in the past, how your subconscious mind works and how to regain control of your weight in a relaxed, enjoyable and logical way. We are totally committed in helping you achieve your goal.