Research Outcomes

I use CORP software as part of my practice. The software has been used by some of the top therapists in the U.K, but can be used by any professional looking to record their outcomes and increase the performance of their practice. Matthew Cahill is the Co-Founder of CORP and has been developed for the rigors of therapy; this software has been trialled in real life therapeutic situations and is the choice of the CPHT training college, professional therapists, and members of the AfSFH for their research programme.

What does CORP stand for?
CORP stands for “CPHT Outcomes and Research Programme” because the software was originally designed and used for measuring frontline outcomes in private practice and has been relied upon in some of the most successful practices in the U.K. Professionals from all walks of life are now finding that customers want evidence of the skills by the way of measured outcomes.

Why measure outcomes?
There is so much research suggesting that measured outcomes are not only good practice, but can also increase the performance of the professional.  For therapists and coaches at the frontline this is an essential tool for obvious reasons.