Sports Performance

Many top sports personalities and performers have been using hypnotherapy to help them achieve their full potential in their chosen field. We can’t expect to play at a peak all the time, we have all had times when things just seem to go wrong. There are three main areas involved with sports performance therapy that we can work on: confidence, motivation and method.

We know that a good level of stress can help in producing optimum physical and psychological shape. However too much stress can lead to a drop in our ability to perform, plus causing muscle tension, which could lead to injury. General stress levels or a negative experience can adversely affect your confidence. Hypnotherapy can help to restore and improve your confidence and enable you to bring out your best performance. Hypnotherapy will help reduce general stress and enable you to remain calm and to relax. Hypnotherapy can have a major impact to improving or restoring performance by allowing you to take control of your stress levels, and to adequately prepare you mentally for that winner’s edge.

When feeling low, sad or depressed or have just been out of the game for a while motivation can be affected. Hypnotherapy can help you get back into practice and training. With hypnotherapy, you will learn how to increase your motivation levels, to feel more energised and enthusiastic, and to derive more pleasure from working towards your goals.

The power of visual rehearsal cannot be over-stated. When we rehearse something in our mind, we actually improve at it mentally and physically, as well as greatly enhancing our confidence and self-belief that we are able to execute the performance. With hypnotherapy, we can rehearse the method and execution of your performance, working through each move in as much detail as required. We do this while you are in trance, and the mind and body are relaxed and highly suggestible to learning.