Calm Pregnancy and Childbirth & Acorns To Oak Trees !

Its been a busy month for us all!
We have all been adapting and changing to cope with Covid restrictions as they change on a regular basis, our young people have gone back to school/college and this alone can be stressful for them as well as their parents/carers. My previous blogs can help you with tacking these issues, (the links are below for ease)

For me its been busy which is great,

  • Firstly, I’m pleased to announce I have completed my Calm Pregnancy and Birth training which was fantastic, enlightening and I can’t wait to share my knowledge. (more details below)
  • I’m having to restrict my face to face appointments to ensure deep cleans are completed to manage the risk of spreading Covid 19 so I’m operating a waiting list.
  • Online sessions are going well and are just as effective as face to face but do help to accommodate those who can’t get to me for many reasons.

October has come around quicker than ever, however, I love this time of year with all the lovely colours as Autumn sets in.  Whilst walking our dog it made me think of acorns and oak trees !!

From little acorns grow strong oak trees and we all have that potential. Imagine YOU are an acorn.  If you provide the right conditions and circumstances that exceed and fulfil the needs of an acorn, that acorn, YOU can become a magnificent oak tree, standing tall and strong with roots that go down deep in the ground that give the inner stability needed to live life to the full, weather those storms and deal with life’s ups and downs.

The challenge is that we can feel attracted by the skills and features of others. We usually think they are better equipped, more talented or more successful than we are. Others can look much more impressive than us, more flexible, much stronger, or better rooted. We look at others and want to be like them. So, we start to struggle.  Others around us can project their views on us and what is best for us and try and shape us into something they want, not what we want.  This may confuse us and may lead to chaos, insecurity, unhappiness, even identity crisis and we can lose confidence , self esteem and end up saying yes to things when really we want to say no.

You can become an oak tree.  Inside, you are going to be an oak tree, no matter the conditioning, affirmations, training, hearing what others say and so on.  It can take time to recognize who we are and what we aspire for. It takes time to accept ourselves and know ourselves. It takes courage to look behind the veil of conditioning, society and cultural norms, pleasing family and others and so on. It takes courage to accept who we are: our consciousness, our past, our deeds, our ideas, our purpose and our vision.

Through quieting of the mind, relaxation, you can start to listen to a little voice inside you. You, who wants to emerge from the shells of an acorn into a powerful, strong oak tree. Its time to let it happen.

Hypnotherapy can help you to achieve what you goals you want to achieve at your pace.  We use the natural state of trance that is a relaxing and calming experience where you remain in control at all times. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is what it says on the tin so there’s no need to delve into the past.  Focus on the positives, the strengths that you have, reach your aims and desires and full potential.

I offer a free initial consultation so please do give me a call to book on 07516 962361 or if you’d like to talk it through first that’s fine too.

Calm Pregnancy and Childbirth

Pregnancy is an exciting time for most women, however, some women find it stressful and a time of worry.
Using hypnotherapy I can help you relax and enjoy your pregnancy and birth, a precious time.  It has been found that after 17 weeks the stress hormone cortisol can be found in the amniotic fluid at the same levels as in the mothers blood! So its never too early to start hypnotherapy so give me a call.

Hypnotherapy during pregnancy is growing in popularity since it’s a natural process and it has no negative side effects and it can be used safely in pregnancy when a women’s other options are limited.  I can show you and teach you self hypnosis to help you keep calm during labour.  If you’re scared, anxious and worried your body will respond accordingly, producing hormones such as adrenaline that will make you tense your muscles more. This means your uterus has to work harder to contract and relax.

With effective hypnosis, your breathing is more steady and even, which means more oxygen is reaching you and your baby. Increased oxygen stimulates the production of oxytocin (a hormone that controls contractions or surges as I call them) and endorphins (the feel good/good mood natural chemicals that runners talk about). The ultimate goal is for you to have contractions that are more effective and less painful.

You can start calm pregnancy and childbirth at any stage.  If you’d like to talk it through before booking your free initial consultation please do, contact me on 07516 962361.

Have a great October,
Best wishes, Louise

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