Help to Cope With The Worry & Anxiety Of Covid-19

Focus On What You Can Control !

These things can also help you –

Positive Thinking  – yes it could be better but it sure could be worse, find those positives how ever small, they are important!

Positive Interaction – we are restricted at present but interacting with others is very beneficial to us, use technology to help , a telephone call, Facetime, Skype or Whats App.  If on you are on an essential journey to get supplies or medicines or a key worker on their way to work a simple hello or smile will do the trick but make sure you stay 2 meters apart/6 feet.

Positive Action – chose something that you want to do or have been meaning to do and do it, however small the task that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction is a great motivator and small steps lead to bigger challenges , remembering to stay in, safe and stay well.


If you’d like to talk or you’d like to find out more about hypnotherapy at this difficult time please do give me a ring on 07516 962361, and clients that already have my mp3 audio file please do continue to use it and share it, it can help you to relax when playing it before you go to sleep at night.

Stay In , Stay Safe & Prevent The Spread Of Covid -19.

Best Wishes