Jan 2023 – Be The Best You Can

Happy New Year, its going to be a good one.

I expect many of us have New Years Resolutions but how many of us can stay we have stuck to it?  Its important to be realistic and break down those bigger goals into something more achievable that fits into your life style.  The other thing that can be very effective is to vocalise our challenges and plans with friends, family or colleagues as it reinforces to ourselves its real and what the goal is.  If, you had a blip, don’t despair go for it again its not too late. There really is some truth in the saying “ You can do what you put your mind to”.  Believe it go for it and don’t look back !!

You can do what you want to do, however often its harder than we think, here’s an article that a fellow hypnotherapist wrote,  helping you become who you want to be doing what you’d like to do and how hypnotherapy can help.  Accredited to Fleur Demeranville Dash, a fellow Hypnotherapist.

Be The Best You Can Be

What would your life be like if you woke up every day feeling unstoppable? Would you take bigger risks and reap bigger rewards? Would you finally give up those destructive behaviours that lead to regret and shame? Would you be more outgoing and FINALLY have the confidence to talk to anyone? Would you stand up and take action rather than letting another opportunity float on by? Would you finally stick to your fitness routine and see your best self in the mirror?
Wherever you are in life, I know you’re eager to live life on your own terms. Unfortunately, there is often something holding you back from living your dream life.

Your subconscious mind is feeling under threat!
During our lives we develop negative thoughts, beliefs, and ideas that influence our behaviour. We create these as a safety mechanism. We change our behaviours as a child to ensure we are not told off in school or by our parents. We learn to stay snuggly in our comfort zones, become afraid of the unknown, and learn to play safe.

When life requires us to be challenged, try something new, step into the unknown, the subconscious will try everything to pull you back into the safe zone.  It knows you and it will try anything to keep you from being “in danger or under threat”.

Negative restrictive thoughts, anxious tummy, accelerated heartbeat, exhaustion, lack of confidence. These are all sent by the subconscious, trying to keep you from doing anything different or trying anything new. Anything to keep you “safe”. Even if that means insomnia, smoking , taking in poisonous fumes, overeating, being miserable, and not being your best self. Anything to keep you “safe”.

So, what is the answer?
The Solution focused hypnotherapy combines psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy, and encourages the mind to be forward thinking. When we visualise how we want our lives to be, we can concentrate on all the smaller steps we need to take to become the person we truly dream of being, creating change with ease.

Hypnotherapy can help many people and I offer a free initial consultation, if you’d like to find out more or to book please get in touch, you can call or text me on 07516 962361 or email info@louisebarneshypnotherapy.co.uk,
Best Wishes, Louise