Feb 2023 – Goals & The Menopause

Hello, Welcome to February,

Spring is certainly on its way with snowdrops almost in flower, the birds are flitting about and the days at last are getting longer.

As some of you will know we have moved house, to the Market town of Honiton, an older house with some decorating to do so that’s keeping me busy whilst supporting and helping clients.   There really is a lot to be said for setting a task or doing a job yourself, to learn a new skill or two and feel proud to have completed it yourself and save some money too. It’s that sense of pride and completion that leads us on to other things, a real motivator for achieving our goals and challenges whether big or small.  Those bigger challenges need to be chunked down into smaller more manageable sizes, the small steps really do make for bigger challenges, so, go for it don’t delay, get started on it what ever it is.

“Small steps lead to bigger challenges”

“ Taking the first step”

The other thing I have been really interested in is the menopause, peri-menopause all the symptomologies and there’s lots.  Its not all hot flushes, actually many ladies I have worked with don’t have that symptom at all !!  There are over 13 million women going through the peri menopause, and its surprising to know that one in every hundred are under 40 years old.

Hypnotherapy can really help and can have a positive effect in reducing and managing the severity, frequency and length of symptoms, to create a plan to support us in the next chapter of our lives, help us plan for our needs, options and choices enabling us to understand our mind and body and feel more in control.  There are many aspects to managing , identify and working with your mind and body at this point in your life, so if you are interested please do get in touch.

Hypnotherapy can help with many issues and conditions so if you’d like help and support get in touch, I offer a free initial consultation either face to face or online sessions are available, contact me to book on 07516 962361 or email info@louisebarneshypnotherapy.co.uk 

Enjoy February and I look forward to being in contact in March,

Best wishes



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