December’s Blog

Seasons greetings to you.

It’s been a busy time and work has been going really well, however, I must admit I’m looking forward to some time off over Christmas to recharge my batteries, spend some quality time with family and friends and catch up on my Level 5 work, I’m getting closer and closer and the end is in sight.

As we enter December there are a wide range of experiences to deal with, excitement, dread, pressure, social gatherings at work and with family and all those sensory differences too, what a minefield !  This can make us feel especially anxious and it’s very common.

The financial implications of Christmas can also cause a great deal of anxiety, with presents to buy, new outfits and festive ‘essentials’ such as wrapping paper, food and tree decorations etc etc etc.  We should be aware that we don’t all have family and friends to spend Christmas with and anxious thoughts that are triggered by family conflicts or even the loss of a loved one, can make us feel isolated and as a result, more anxious.

So, here are a few tips on how you can get through this difficult time and where you can get help if needed.

  • Don’t Over Indulge
    We can be tempted to “treat ourselves” over the festive period, however, it is important to remember that food can have quite an impact on our mood. If we have too much sugar and/or caffeine it can cause us to peak and crash and often impacts on our emotions.
  • Drink Responsibly
    Its often said that alcohol helps to relax their anxiety however, drinking too much and the following hangover can often lead us to feel worse. It wipes out the serotonin we create, so keep hydrated by drinking water and other non-alcoholic beverages, above all know your limits and stay safe.
  • Keep Active
    Its great to go for a walk or maintain our exercise routines, it helps clear our head, give us time to think or some peace and quiet.
  • Take Your Time
    Don’t feel pressured to get caught up in the festive whirlwind and rush of Christmas. The reality of Christmas isn’t what we see on Social Media and TV, make it what you want it to be and be happy.
  • Make time for yourself
    It’s a busy time so look after YOU, listen to your favourite song or album, watch a good film, read a book, listen to music or take a long soak in the bath or a few extra minutes in the shower. Be kind to yourself and relax!
  • Rest
    Try and get plenty of sleep and rest during Christmas. Feeling tired can lead to us feeling less able to cope. Grab yourself an early night or a nice lie in, you will be glad you did.

Its important to look after yourself, especially over Christmas and do what you can to enjoy it, be kind to yourself .

Have a lovely Christmas and a very Happy New Year,

Best wishes to you all,