January New Years Resoultions

New Year ,New You

When 2020 arrived many of us decided what it was we really wanted to achieve. We always start with good intentions, after a short amount of time or possibly a few months maybe the novelty of the new year wears off and many of us revert back to those old habits.

If you want this year to be different, stick to your plans and achieve your goals and make those lifestyle changes you have always wanted then maybe its time to get a little extra help ! Anxiety and Stress is damaging to both our mental and physical health over time.  If you know you’re prone to stress, you may want to explore how hypnotherapy can help you.

Many people are choosing hypnotherapy to help them with all sorts of things.  Whether its losing weight, getting the real you back, overcoming fears /phobias or to stop smoking/vaping to name just a few, then hypnotherapy could help you.

Habits and behaviours can be very difficult to change, maybe they are ingrained from childhood, learnt behaviours which are  leading to some people turning to unhelpful behaviours that we end up repeating over and over again.

Hypnotherapy can give you that extra push to change your thought patterns and focus on your positives. I use various techniques to help alter thought patterns that can act as a reinforcement to your willpower and may prove to be the extra support you need to change the things you want to change.
Hypnotherapy is natural and safe, its relaxing, uplifting and you remain in control at all times. I offer a free initial consultation should you want to find out more, just give me a call to book on 07516 962361.

” Nothing changes, if nothing changes”