June Blog 2021

June 2021

Well hello, I hope my blog finds you well.
Its so nice how the weather has started in June, it makes such big a difference to have the sun out, the blue skies, leaves and flowers blooming and the birds twittering and hopping from here to there, and when we are lucky enough its nice to see the hedgehog out in the evening scurrying around for food, hopefully for its hoglets !

I apologise for no blog in May, its been exceptionally busy with seeing new clients now I can see them face to face and to continue with the clean downs etc that are needed to keep us all as safe as possible and lateral flow testing.   It really is lovely working with people on line and hypnotherapy is just as effective, however, the interaction face to face with a client is so nice and I’ve missed it.

Many clients are contacting me saying things like:

  • “I’ve never had a problem with this in the past”
  • “ I’ve always been able to do…..”
  • “I’m feeling different than I have before and I can’t put my finger on why or what has caused it”
  • “I’ve never had tic’s before” or “my tic’s have got worse or are different”
  • “My fear/phobia has come back and I’ve been fine for years”

Maybe you are feeling this too so don’t feel alone in this.  Covid has a lot to answer for.  Some of the strongest, confident, most determined people of all are finding themselves feeling different than they have ever imagined and they aren’t sure why and what to do.

As we begin to come out of the lockdowns and restrictions are slowly lifted we could start to feel a little anxious and this is ok and completely natural , but if its affecting everyday life then it’s not so helpful so it’s good to get some support and get back on track.  Maybe its you or someone you know, lets get a free initial consultation booked in.  In the meantime there some handy hints to help :

  • Question your thought pattern. Negative thoughts can take root in your mind and distort the situation, try and think of three positives each day,
  • Try focused deep breathing. Breathing in for 4 counts and breathing out for 6 counts for 2 mins or so,
  • Do something you enjoy, listening to your favourite record, watch a film, have a long soak in the bath, self care is important.
  • Get some exercise, go for a walk, do 15 minutes of yoga, getting the heart rate up especially outdoors can be so beneficial.
  • Eat healthily really does affect our mood.

A couple of really nice tenants I like to use are this and they are very true.

The future is both created and negotiable”
“No problem happens all the time”

During lockdowns I’ve have been completing various units for my L5 Advanced Hypnotherapy Diploma, its been so interesting and my most recent advanced training has been around working with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and Working with Children, just two of the ten units I need to cover.  I’m making good progress and am three quarters of the way through and I’m looking forward to getting it finished, I have four years to do it, hoping to do it in two, I’ll keep you posted !!

Anyway, a big well done to all of you reading this as you have done well, you are doing the best you can and no one can ask more than that so take some time for you, even if its only a few minutes you deserve it.

Stay safe and well and if you need help and support you can always give me a ring on 07516 962361,

Best wishes