Sept 2022 – Back to School

September 2022

Welcome to Septembers blog, It’s the first day of September and there was a freshness in the air this morning when I was walking Thorn, sunny and bright too, we loved it and took advantage of the sweet juicy blackberries in the hedgerows.  What a great start to the day.

I trust you have enjoyed the Summer and have coped well with the extreme temperatures we have had to cope with.  Hopefully you have had time to have some rest and recharged your batteries? We are good at this with our phones but so good with ourselves!! (Worth a thought!)  I have enjoyed doing just that seeing family and friends and enjoying some time camping in Dorset.  We really are very lucky to live where we do and have lovely places to visit right on our doorstep.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the children and young adults’ good luck as they go back to school, start new schools and University.  It can be a tricky time for parents too, feeling things they are not used to so if you or anyone you know need any support, please do feel free to give me a call and book an initial consultation, Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy can help. You are important and you can’t pour from an empty cup, look after YOU and you will have more resources to help others.

I also have good news that I’m proud of.  Last month I got a call shortly followed by email confirmation confirming I have been successful in winning “Hypnotherapist of the Year-, South England (Devon)” It’s not something I paid to enter and was up against 11 other nominations so feel proud and it’s an acknowledgement of my hard work and commitment. So, thank you to all my clients, friends and family for their continued support, it much appreciated.
With that I wish you all a good September


Take Care and Best wishes