Nov 2021 – Fireworks and SAD

Welcome to Novembers blog,

How are you doing?  There have been a few changes this month with the weather getting much cooler and wet than we have been used to , the clocks have changed and we start to have less daylight but nice to see the vibrant colours of Autumn , the berries on the tress and the starlings making those wonderful patterns in the sky, murmurations, fascinating to watch have a look !!

Halloween was last night and then we have Bonfire night at the end of the week as much as I love the patterns and colours of the fireworks our family dog hates the bangs so goes and hides.
It can be the same for some of us, those loud bangs that are expected and unexpected can really throw us off track.  It might be that we are struggling with anxiety or PTSD so I’m asking for us all to be mindful and to support local organised events that are planned, safe and help us plan for ourselves, our pets and its not so disruptive for the wildlife who also find it difficult.

If we are caught off guard there are some breathing exercises that can really help in the moment.

Firstly spot a rectangle, there will be one around you somewhere, you can always use your phone as many of us have these nearby.

  • I want you to breathe in through your nose as you look along the short side,
  • then breath out through your mouth on the long side,
  • in on the short side , out on the long side etc,

This can help to reduce anxiety and reduce panic attacks.

Some might like to count in for 5 and then out for 8, in for 5 and out for 8 and these numbers can get bigger as you practise and it really does help to practise, maybe go for 7 and 11 as a small goal to aim for.  It will help, give it try !.

SAD – At this time of year its also good to be aware of SAD,

In the weeks before the clocks go back I start to feel sluggish and down, it’s harder to keep to my morning routine of going out for a walk before breakfast because it’s wet, cold and dark

What is seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that you experience during particular seasons or times of year. Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time, and affects your everyday life. If you have SAD, you’ll experience depression during some seasons in particular, or because of certain types of weather.
If SAD affects you during winter, there are particular things you could try that might help. You could:

  • Make the most of natural light. It might help to spend time in natural light, for example going for walks, spending time in parks or gardens, or simply sitting near a window. This seems to be helpful if you experience SAD in winter.
  • Plan ahead for winter. For example, try to make meals in advance and freeze them if you know you are likely to lack the energy to do this during the most difficult period.

“I try to get some natural light during the day just by being outside, maybe tidying up the garden or taking my dog for a walk. Exercise in natural light is really helpful but is not always possible.”

Here’s a link to the Mind website for more information, About SAD | Mind, the mental health charity – help for mental health problems

For now I say good bye, I’m off to find some sloes to make sloe gin for Xmas presents and I’m sure Thorn will be keen to join me as he rushes around in the fallen leaves.

Take care and best wishes,