July 2021 Support For Menopause & Why Do I Feel So Angry

July 2021.

Welcome to Summer, its been a busy time for everyone as we begin to start getting out and about more.  Children will finish soon for the summer holidays and those that have year 11 students have already finished and they start their next steps as young adults into the wider world of adventure and experience, exciting times.

I have been busy training some more and I have decided to expand and offer sessions specifically around the subject of menopause.  I have found this to be a subject that is not openly talked about, so, I’m hoping to be a small cog in a bigger wheel of changing that.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Can all these feelings really be the menopause?
  • Why is it people only ever talk about hot flushes?
  • How can I feel fine one minute then totally lost the next?
  • What are the symptoms ?
  • Why do I feel like this?

I will be offering support to those who may need it or want to find out more about the menopause and how hypnotherapy can be helpful.  As soon as its ready to launch I will let you know !

Its been lovely to get out into the town that now it has people on the high street exploring the shops and to walk in the dappled woods around, to see the wildflowers and see the baby animals and birds and see the bees collecting their pollen.  It’s good for exercise, general well-being and is great for winding from those busy days.  If you haven’t tried it give it a go, it’s worth it !

Enjoy July, the sun, the BBQ’s in the garden and seeing friends and family safely.

Keep well, stay safe, Best wishes,


For now here is how anger can affect us and what we can do about it.

Anger – Why do I get so angry?

I have worked with clients who find themselves getting frustrated and angry at work, or find that they are calm at work but lose it at the slightest thing when they get home.  We can also feel anger as irritation, annoyance, frustration, and lack of patience.

When we react with anger it is one of our brains responses to dealing with stress and worry in our life. The other types of responses our brain can have is depressive or anxious behaviour, it could be its just one element or it could be a combination of all three.(anger , anxiety, depression)

Clients that often exhibit depressive or anxious behaviour are met with concern and are encouraged to find help, however, anger is often viewed less favourably.

I’m sure you have probably heard of the ‘fight/flight/freeze’ response, this is an automatic response that happens when we feel under threat/stress. Anger is the result of the ‘fight’ part of that stress/threat response, to defend ourselves or our family and loved ones.

When we experience anger, our body produces adrenaline and other stress hormones, and our upper body (especially the arms) can become flushed with blood to provide extra strength so we can fight. This is why people often go red in the face or neck when angry.

We are all individuals and we all respond differently when we feel threatened. The threat doesn’t have to be a physical, it can be an argument, feeling left out, feeling overwhelmed or guilt at making a mistake.  The part of our brain is responsible for keeping us safe from threats.  This part of the brain can’t tell the difference between a physical threat and an emotional threat!

When a client tells me they are easily annoyed, I treat them no differently than I would if they came to see me with anxiety or depression. The fact is their brain feels that they are under threat.  I’ll explain to my client how that works and what they can do about it.

We now know that venting anger does not help to relieve it. Put simply, anger leads to more anger and if anger gets out of control, it may lead to violence. Therefore, its important that we learn to control angry thoughts and feelings, to enable us to choose a more helpful way to deal with stressful or difficult situations.

Hypnotherapy helps to calm down the stress response, thereby reducing the amount of anger you are feeling. Hypnotherapy can help to put you back into control by teaching you how to remain calm, relaxed and confident enabling you to cope more effectively with day to day life and the ups and downs that life brings.

There is no need to delve into the past and I don’t need to explore why you may be angry.  Instead we will explore how you’d like life to be without anger.
If you or anyone you know needs support I offer a free initial consultation, to book you can call, text on 07516 962361.