Time To Boost Your Confidence

We can all experience situations at times when we’d like to feel a bit more confident or, maybe your confidence has taken a hit and lower than you’d like it to be. The good news is you can boost your confidence by following these suggestions, and even better they are easier than you’d think!
It’s all about doing something rather than nothing, and feeling in control again.
“If nothing changes………then nothing changes!”

  • Tick Off A Task On Your “To Do” List.
    When you are successful at something, completing a task, however small you will feel more confident generally. The little job you’ve been putting off, just do it, get it done and see how much better you will feel for it,
  • Do What You’re Good At.
    Roald Dahl says: “Everyone is born, but not everyone is born the same. Some will grow into butchers, bakers, or candlestick makers. Some will only be good at making jello salad”
    What are you good at? Even if making fantastic jello salad is your thing, do it as often as you can! You’ll feel happier and your confidence will increase.
  • Don’t Let Others Put You Down!
    Share your goals with people who will SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE you, not those who will criticise or tell you that you’ll never do it. If you are struggling with confidence, it’s harder to see that their negative attitudes come from their own doubts, not yours. Their attitude might be enough to make you give up on the idea.
  • Project & Think Confidence (even if you don’t really feel it yet.)
    How you think and feel affects your body language and how you are physically. Studies show a stooped posture encourages you to think negatively. Think about someone you know that always seems to be confident and notice their body language and movements. Start to change your movements and posture and see how much more confident you feel.
  • Exercise regularly.
    Exercise boosts your endorphins, these are the feel good chemicals which allow you to feel good. It can improve willpower, stamina, self-belief and a reduction in anxiety. All of these changes will inevitably boost your confidence. As John Ratey quotes “If exercise came in pill form, it would be plastered across the front page, hailed as the blockbuster drug of the century.”
  • List Your Positive Qualities.
    If you struggle with this (as many people do) ask your friends or family to list three things they like about you. It’s time to recognise your own positives, your skills, qualities, talents and abilities. Refer back to this when your confidence flags. Maybe put it up somewhere you can see it daily?
  • List The Goals You Have Reached.
    Include anything and everything from passing exams, getting a job, to getting your driving licence etc. Compare this with the one above and see how your skills and qualities helped you achieve these goals, and how you can use them again to reach new goals.

None of us feel 100% confident all of the time.
It’s completely natural for confidence levels to vary from time to time, with our busy lives and life’s ups and downs and in different situations; however, YOU CAN improve things more easily than you think.

Confidence is the key to your success, its time to rediscover the confidence you thought you’d lost.

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