Happy New Year Blog 2022 !

I hope you have enjoyed the festive celebrations over Xmas and are looking forward to the New Year.  New beginnings, new chapters to be explored and of course the good ole New Years Resolutions to make.

Its now when many people make a New Year’s resolution, but how many keep it for more than a couple of weeks? Surveys tell us that success rates seem to vary between 25-60%.

  • What about you?
  • Do you have a resolution?
  • Will you keep it?

Most people try to stick to their resolution using will power, that’s why they soon fall by the wayside. We tend to be creatures of habit and often get stuck in a particular way of behaviour. To change something you need to be able to visualise the benefits of that change and to help your mind understand why you want to change, otherwise you just easily drift back into the old, familiar ways of behaving.

One way of improving your chances of keeping your resolution is to re-educate your mind into the new way you want to behave. You get rid of the old patterns and put in the new ones, a bit like having a good spring clean and getting rid of all the junk. Hypnosis is an excellent way of helping you to achieving this “spring clean”.

If you intend to stop smoking, lose weight, be more motivated, be more confident, exercise more or cut down on your drinking hypnotherapy can help you. Consider these questions to help you, take everything back to basics

  • What is your current habit or behaviour giving you?
  • Do you still need what it gives you?
  • Could you get that from something else?
  • Is there anything that is worth keeping about your current behaviour?
  • What you will miss most if you change your current behaviour.
  • Why do you want to make this change in your life?

Visualise what it’s going to be like. Write it down, draw it or tell someone about it. Make it real to yourself so you know you do want it and you know what it will be like.  Think about the benefits – what it’s going to be with your new behaviour, more healthy,  more money, the real you back again?

Importantly, if you don’t manage to stick to your resolution then don’t worry. Don’t give up straight away, pick up from where you left off and carry on. Allow yourself to learn from what didn’t work and keep it attainable.

For now, Enjoy New Years Eve, look after yourself and look forward to creating your future, you are in control and it can be negotiated.

Best wishes,