Enjoying My Life Again

I really enjoyed hypnotherapy with Louise both face to face and online sessions.

Only 6 sessions changed my life 100 times over. She helped with my anxiety and lack of confidence. She explained what actually is happening to me, why I felt the way I felt and gave me lots of new tools to manage my emotions. She always made me feel welcome. Louise is a very warm and trustful person. I’d highly recommend Louise Barnes Hypnotherapy.

I enjoy my life again !!!

Thank you Louise.

Managing Anxiety

Louise has been amazing. She has helped me so much with my anxiety, and I highly recommend her. I was unsure about hypnosis at the start, but she put me at ease straight away with her soothing demeanour and wonderfully positive attitude. I felt so relaxed after every session, and the audio really helped that feeling continue even after the sessions were over. Thank you for all your help.

Healthy Choices & More !!

I contacted Louise after a friend had used hypnotherapy to overcome a fear. In the initial consultation, Louise explained to me the way in which your brain can follow unhelpful patterns of thought, and how hypnotherapy can help to change them. 

I attended sessions in person and via Zoom. I’m really glad I chose to pursue hypnotherapy. At no point in the process did I feel uncomfortable, or not in control. It was instead a relaxing process which made me feel calm and positive. 

Over the course of a few weeks I began to notice a number of changes: I found it much easier to exercise and eat healthily (this was the problem I had initially wanted to address), but also I realised I could cope better with stress in general, I was sleeping better, and generally felt more relaxed and in control of my life. 

To anyone with a specific problem which they would like to overcome, I would definitely recommend booking an initial consultation to discuss hypnotherapy with Louise. 

Power To Take On The World

For those of you who have commented lately on the change within me – I owe everything to this lady: Louise Barnes Hypnotherapy. Over the last 5 weeks I have been on an outstanding journey with her. I was super sceptical about Hypnotherapy but I am absolutely a convert. She has allowed me to rejig my brain and help me see just how much value I have in the world and how much I should celebrate ME.
My amazing friend also gave me an epic journal for my birthday and this has provided the best complementary therapy alongside the hypnotherapy. You are the best thanks 🙂
Also a massive thanks to my husband for picking up some more tasks within home and childcare that I was struggling to keep up with in order to take some time to reframe and reset my brain. Love you darling xxxx
So, this is me; taking charge; focussing on the positive and feeling like I have the power to take on the world!

Overcome Addictions

I first sought Louise’s assistance regarding my cross-addiction, but I was also feeling stuck with my career moves and experiencing a general notion of ‘stagnation’ plus suffering from not enough self-belief.
Louise set me up with a ‘trance’ audio to listen to every night, and we began our weekly sessions. Listening to the audio each night proved to be wonderfully relaxing, and I found myself looking forward to it.
After approx 3 sessions I started to realise that something was shifting. I was much stronger when faced with cravings, much less anxious and the feeling of inertia wasn’t there anymore.
By the 6th session I was already fine- tuning my CV and researching my next career moves. I also started working on other projects which I was previously putting off and returned to being creative.
Louise has a great deal of understanding of the human condition as well as fantastic knowledge of how our brains work and what makes us tick.
Her positivity and warm friendly attitude  allows one to open up in the secure surroundings of her home or via zoom meetings when necessary without judgement and with deep empathetic understanding and huge willingness to help on her part
I have tried several types of therapy/counselling during my struggles with addictions, with a bigger or lesser success but I can strongly recommend Louise Barnes Hypnotherapy. Whatever your challenges and issues are, with Louise’s help you can access those deep recesses of the mind in order help you fine-tune your life ,feel it with positivity and inner strength to  help you achieve your goals, assist inner growth and reach fulfilment.

Enjoying Life

After ‘suffering ‘ from anxiety for over 30 years, I can honestly say I now feel the best equipped to handle day to day life than I ever have.
Louise has such a positive mental attitude and it is this compassion and understanding that helps retrain your brain to banish or challenge those silly and unhelpful thoughts we all have.
I have been able to go abroad for the first time in years without getting myself in a right state and meals out are now a pleasure rather than a dread ‘in case something bad happened’
I truly cannot thank Louise more.
Go on make that initial call, I can assure you that even leaving the first free appointment you will leave feeling lighter and more positive towards life.

Young Person Emotionally Confident

I contacted Louise for our daughter who was having difficulties dealing with her emotions and feeling anxious. A friend recommended Louise and we are so grateful for it. Louise was able to connect with our daughter, who opened up to her amazingly. Over the course of the session, our daughter grew in confidence, she is now much better able to cope with difficult or challenging situations in a positive way. She even laughs off the little frustrations of everyday life.
Thank you Louise for your help.